AVATIL is a community-based, non-profit organization that provides approximately 200 clients with a continuum of services, from adolescent and young adult outreach to a transition to independent living program and long-term community support services for clients living on their own in the community. Social development services are accessible to all clients and include groups, activities, and events.

Description of Clientele

AVATIL has a unique mandate that distinguishes it from other services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. AVATIL works with both individuals who have a diagnosis of mild intellectual disability as well as those who fall in the borderline range of intelligence but who require the same support needs as those with a diagnosis. This clientele is described as falling in the cracks of existing services. All individuals who are accepted in the program are assessed by AVATIL to have the potential for independent living in the community.

This population falls between the cracks of services provided through the disability network and the psycho-social network. They are often seen as too high-functioning to receive services in the former case and too low-functioning in the latter one.”

-1995, Fay Bland, Founding Member

Our mission