The AVATIL Board of Directors has developed the following Board committees:


Public Relations Committee: mandated to organize AVATIL’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2016 and to publicize the event as well as the services AVATIL offers.

Fundraising Committee: its mandate is to set fundraising objectives, to implement fundraising activities based on the objectives and to evaluate fundraising activities and results.

Client Fundraising Committee: Mandated to distribute money raised by clients during fundraising activities to client programs and activities.

Admissions Policy Committee: Its mandate is to review and update AVATIL’s client admissions criteria based on the strategic plan.

Space Committee:  Its mandate is to explore AVATIL’s future space needs, the development of a centre for AVATIL programs and activities and the feasibility of redesigning the 40th Avenue building to house a centre.

Program Committee: Its mandate is to develop a structure to oversee the quality of programming.

Advisory Committee: Its mandate is to oversee the implementation of AVATIL’s strategic plan 2014-2017.