AVATIL promotes autonomy, social participation, and a satisfying quality of life in the community for adolescents and adults with mild cognitive or social limitations.

To fulfill this mission, AVATIL provides programs and services that promote independent living.

AVATIL encourages family participation and support in achieving this mission.


Participants will look forward to:

  • Enjoying friendships and a network of community supports
  • Applying their practical and social skills in various contexts
  • Feeling confident about living independently
  • Contributing to the community in a spirit of reciprocity and mutual support

Families will look forward to:

  • Actively participating along with a network of community supports


Autonomy – making decisions and choosing one’s living environment

Social participation – taking one’s place in the community

Social reciprocity – contributing to the community

Equal rights and responsibilities – the right of the individual to make personal choices and decisions is respected within the context of appropriate guidance. The individual is expected to be able to take responsibility for his/her choices and behavior in the community.

Respect – for the individual’s fundamental rights as an equal member of society and of individual differences, including values, lifestyles and personal norms of behavior

Towards Independence – achieving a sense of self-worth and the capacity to accomplish one’s goals